Hej och välkommna till Sveriges första och största blogg om One Direction! Här skriver vi dagligen om killarnas liv och har gjort det sedan april 2011.

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"Mum Direction" - intervju med Trisha Malik


"With sales of more than 19 million singles and 10 million albums, One Direction are arguably the most famous boy band in the world. But, in a rare interview, Zayn Malik's mother Trisha reveals he nearly missed the audition that made him a superstar.


"Whenever I took him out, as a toddler, little old ladies would say: 'Oh, he's cute, he's going to break a few hearts," says Trisha Malik, remembering the not-too-distant past when her son was more Bradford baby than boyband heartthrob.


It's the first time she has spoken to the media since Zayn, as one-fifth of One Direction, shot to fame on the seventh series of X Factor. 


But things could have been very different, she says, if the 20-year-old had got his own way in the summer of 2010.


"On the morning of the audition Zayn didn't want to go," she recalls. "He chickened out, saying: 'Can't I just leave it?'"


Eventually, she coaxed him into going "just to see what happens"."

Läs resten av intervjun här.

Postat av Lollo

Så jävla tacksam för Zayns mamma, Trisha, för att hon fick upp honom den där morgonen och såg till så att han gick till audition!! :3

Datum: 2013-12-19 | Tid: 20:27:15

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