Hej och välkommna till Sveriges första och största blogg om One Direction! Här skriver vi dagligen om killarnas liv och har gjort det sedan april 2011.

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Modest Management
The Matrix Complex
91 Peterborough Rd



Oh sweet lord.

  @jom_ley  why is he so snuggly looking?! he’s hardly ever that close to fan! I’m jelly.



harrystyleswhatababe:  hes so amazing omg  I feel bad for hannah… all these girls just throwing themselves at him and she gets to see it all captured in pictures and videos :(

harrystylesisperfection:  zarry:  fuck @rachfine  omg harry   omfg the curls are so defined, lord have mercy! lol

usadirectioners:  zarry:  @OliviaMarcus  forever and ever jealous.  no, ugh just no. just because louis was nice enough to let you do it doesn’t mean you should.

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